Best no-gi grappling beginner tape

What tape(s) would you guys suggest for a beginner who's rolled a few times in class, but wants to do some homework, so to speak?

I've heard good things about the Practical Grappler set from a few years back. Any opinions on that one and suggestions for other tapes? Thanks.


Roy Harris BJJ 101 from

I 2nd that. If you're a beginner, Roy Harris BJJ 101 is the best place to start.

I highly recommend the Practical Grappler tape set. It is a very comprehensive submission wrestling syllabus.
It is very, very good.

I also highly recommend Matt Thornton's functional jeet kune do tapes. Some of the best tapes on the market!

Escapes: Roy Harris BJJ 101 vol. 1
Top Game: Thornton JKD series 2- top game
Guard: Nathan Leverton's the Guard
Passing: Michael Jen's UGP1

If you are a beginner, get the Gracie basics tapes from