Best No Gi Loose Fiiting BJJ Shorts?

 Which company makes the best No Gi BJJ Grappling shorts that are loose fitting?  Sprawl, OTM, TapOut, etc?

 I have Sprawl. I have no complaints.

Don't forget Chris Brennan's Nogi! I've had a pair since December. They've been great.

I have Sprawls as well. They fit the bill so well that I have yet to feel compelled to branch out and try other brands.

NAGAFIGHTER.COM Great Looking and comfortable shorts.


Nogis then Sprawl


clinch gear, best shorts i have, love em

Sprawl all the way!

I have the old and new Sprawls. The new ones are great.

The Title shorts (, are on backorder, but I really wanted to try them. They are probably great since I have a lot of Title gear and I've been very happy. This will save you some money too.