Best Non-WEC Bantams?

 Obviously I can't read then.

good names so far!!!!

Joseph Benavidez from Urijah's camp should be great as well.

PFC champ Shawn Klarcyk and Roland Velascois also good.


Rolando Velasco-PFC Bantamweight Champ

Shawn Klarcyk-PFC Bantamweight Interim

Joseph Benavides-PFC #1 Contender. Undefeated protege of Urijah Faber

all are world class fighters who would give most any 135 lb'er in the world a run for their money.

PFC has great lighter weights rosters!!!

Darren UyenoyamaJoseph BenavidezChad Georgeare all great!

Mark Oshiro is pretty tough


Mark Oshiro (he's in the vid ^) is fighting June 14 in the Hawaii EliteXC event, Return of the King. Locals can watch him live. The rest of the world can watch him at

Billiam Cruddup


1. Miguel Torres (Pictures) (32-1-0)
The sudden star of MMA's emerging bantamweight class was set for a very interesting June 1 bout with Manny Tapia (Pictures). However, even after a knee injury axed Tapia from the bout, Torres' June title defense remains exciting on paper, as the mulleted Mexicano will meet Pancrase poster boy Yoshiro Maeda (Pictures) in the first defense of his WEC title.

2. Masakatsu Ueda (Pictures) (8-0-1)
In the biggest fight of his young career, Ueda became just the second fighter to be an All Japan amateur Shooto champion, a Shooto rookie champion and a Shooto world champion by taking a commanding decision over Koetsu Okazaki (Pictures) to win the Shooto 132-pound world title. Although the WEC will continue to become the focal point of the weight class, Ueda has become the division's torchbearer abroad. With his Shooto world title capture, Ueda rises from third to second.

3. Koetsu Okazaki (Pictures) (5-1-1)
Okazaki was quite simply outclassed by the stronger, more technical Ueda in their March 28 title showdown. With the loss, Okazaki falls from second to third. What's next for the Osaka native is uncertain, as he has never been much of a workhorse and may not get back into the ring until the latter stages of the year.

4. Atsushi Yamamoto (Pictures) (11-5-1)
The Norifumi Yamamoto (Pictures) pupil had the biggest opportunity of his career in his bout with Masakatsu Ueda (Pictures), which offered the winner a chance to fight for the vacant 132-pound Shooto world title. In a hard-fought bout, Ueda came out the victor, sending Yamamoto back to the drawing board.

5. Brian Bowles (Pictures) (4-0-0)
Bowles went from "Who is this kid?" after his June submission over vet Charlie Valencia (Pictures) to "This kid is serious" after his Dec. 12 steamrolling of the well-traveled and well-accomplished Marcos Galvao (Pictures). With the win, Bowles notched the most significant victory to date for a North American bantamweight against international competition and also cemented himself as a worthy adversary to the likes of Chase Beebe (Pictures), Manny Tapia (Pictures) and Miguel Torr,, es (Pictures).

6. Marcos Galvao (Pictures) (6-2-0)
After years of competing in Shooto, "Louro" got a golden opportunity to showcase his skills in the WEC. The result? Galvao got absolutely destroyed by upstart Brian Bowles (Pictures), who tore him apart on the feet en route to a second-round stoppage.

7. Daniel Lima (Pictures) (8-2-2)
After pulling out of a scheduled bout with Tetsu Suzuki (Pictures) in March, the next move for the Australia-based Brazilian is uncertain, though it will likely come in the land down under.

8. Takeya Mizugaki (Pictures) (8-2-2)
Although Mizugaki may be the favorite in GCM's 135-pound Cage Force tournament, injuries have postponed his tournament entry until June, when he will meet a yet-to-be-determined opponent in a tournament quarterfinal.

9. Chase Beebe (Pictures) (11-2-0)
Yes, Beebe lost his WEC title. Yet there is little that can be said to disparage the former champ, who simply was outgunned by a far more seasoned and savvy opponent in Miguel Torres (Pictures). At only 22 years old, the ultra-talented Beebe is still improving largely from fight to fight and figures to play a pivotal role in the WEC's intensifying 135-pound picture.

10. Manny Tapia (Pictures) (10-0-1)
Tapia's next battle will be rehabbing from surgery, following the knee injury that scuttled his June 1 WEC title challenge against Miguel Torres (Pictures). However, upon return, he will likely be the man to challenge for the WEC crown.


Brian Bowles shits on your favorite 135 pounf fighter.





Okazaki and Yamamoto are way overrated on that list. I think it's been pretty well shown at this point that being at the top of the Shooto rankings does not necessarily translate to being world-class. The only Shooto guy that really belongs in the top 10 is Ueda, IMO.

ANDRE "GIGUETO" SOARES!!! Look for him in Elite XC this weekend