Best Non-WEC Bantams?

Keith Bach - US Army Combatives he won in the last Art of War show.

Darren Uyenoyama vs Hideo Tokoro in Dream 4 will be very very interesting!!!

Go Darren!!!

Wagney Fabiano, IFL champ 9-1

Fabiano is not a bantamweight.

Andre Soares vs Zach Makovsky this weekend at EliteXC is going to be a WAR!

Caleb R - Expect to see big things from Joseph Benavidez in the near future.

I'm excited!!!

NOW, who could beat Miguel Torres outside WEC roster...?

The only possible answer right now is Kid Yamamoto. Torres will ruin everyone else's shit.

Eduardo Dantas is a good prospect out of Nova Uniao, but I think he's a year or two away from being a real contender.

Ueda, the Shooto champ, is pretty good but I don't see how he could beat Torres.

Nat McIntyre - MN Martial Arts

It's a travesty he isn't fighting in the WEC.

Joseph Benavidez vs Kid Yamamoto @ Dream 5!!!!


Kid vs. Torres would be interesting for their height diff.

Kid has power in his hands both standing and on the ground and the wrestling.

Torres has the reach, stick and move boxing ability and the jits.