Best "numbers" of 2004

First, an explanation...

This exercise awards points for wins and deducts points for losses. The number of points depends on the success of your opponents, their opponents, so on down the line.

It's a mathematical calculation that doesn't know and doesn't care what organization you fight in, or how you won or lost.

A cap of 6 fights has been applied to prevent fighters from simply racking up points in quantity, yet not ignoring someone who has put it on the line repeatedly this year.

To the list...

  1. Jeremy Horn. Won the TKO MW belt from David Loiseau. Beat Chael Sonnen twice. Also beat Kyle Seals, and Cameron Brown. Lost a decision to Anderson Silva

  2. Ryan Schultz. 8-1 overall in 2004. His last half-dozen is perfect, picking up wins over Gil Castillo, Jason Dent. He won a SuperBrawl 8-man tourney and won his alternate bout in the MFC Euphoria tourney.

  3. Drew Fickett. Perfect 6-0 in 2004 including wins over Carlo Prater, BTT black-belt Fabiano Holanda, and UFC reality series competitor Kenny Florian.

  4. Ibraghim Magomedov. 6-1 in 2004. His decision loss to Travis Wiuff in the Euphoria tourney was sandwiched by two 8-man tournament wins.

  5. Denis Kang. 6-0 in 2004 including an 8-man tourney win in Korea.

  6. Dennis Hallman. 5-1 in 2004, losing only to Frank Trigg in the UFC.

  7. Travis Wiuff. 7-0 in 2004. Although his dancecard was a little soft in some spots, he did beat Magomedov at Euphoria.

  8. Roger Huerta. 5-1-1 for the year, lost the SuperBrawl tourney final to Schultz, but beat Naoyuki Kotani at XFO.

  9. Keith Wisniewski. 5-1 this year including wins over Steve Berger and Carlo Prater. Lost only to Jason Black.

  10. Takanori Gomi. His perfect 5-0 run in 2004 was capped with a KO of Jens Pulver.

I'm going to run another evaluation, based more on averages instead of totals, stay tuned... :)

OK, now based on average. The same point award system, but instead of totals, a look at who had the best win/loss resume based on average number of times in the ring...

  1. Ricardo Almeida. His one fight was a victorious ride off into the sunset. He beat Ryo Chonan, then retired as KOP.

  2. Rogerio Nogueira. 2-0 this year. Beat Steibling and Nakamura.

  3. Shogun Rua. 2-0 this year. Beat Gono and Namekawa.

  4. Dan Henderson. 2-0. Beat Nakamura and Kondo.

  5. Joe D'Arce. 1-0 Beat Hiromitsu Miura.

  6. Frank Trigg. 2-0. Beat Hallman and Verissimo

  7. Jason Black. 2-0. Beat Gideon Ray, Keith Wisniewski.

  8. Chris Tuchscherer. 1-0. Could be considered rookie of the year, handing Krystof Soszinski his first ever loss.

  9. BJ Penn. 3-0. Beat Hughes, Ludwig, Rodrigo Gracie.

  10. Mayhem Miller. 1-0. Beat Ron Jhun.

OK, last one...

Based on average, only including those with 3 or more fights this year...

  1. BJ Penn. 3-0 in 2004. Beat Hughes, Ludwig, Rod Gracie.

  2. Donald Ouimet. 3-0 in 2004. Beat Blake Fredrickson. Beat David Goulet twice.

  3. Makoto Ishikawa. 3-0 in '04. Beat Katsuta, Skinner, Abe

  4. Luiz 'Buscape' Firmino. 3-0 in 2004. Beat la Rose, Abe, Imanari.

  5. Chris Lytle. 4-0 in 2004. Beat Spratt, Tiki, Jhun, JT Taylor.

  6. Joey Villasenor. 4-0 in 2004.

  7. Akira Kikuchi. 4-0 in 2004. Became Shooto Champion.

  8. Falaniko Vitale. 4-0 in 2004.

  9. Gilbert Melendez. 3-0 in 2004.

  10. Yves Edwards. 4-0 in 2004.

Incidentally, Fedor would've been #11 on the last list, and Gomi would've been #15.

Great thread! I like to see these evaluations of fighters that don't always make it to the big show. It gives me an idea of who to watch out for.