Best of 2004

Nominations, awards and debate....

Best Comic Mini-series

Identity Crisis.....barring a silly, "the butler did it" ending, Brad Meltzer has written a series that has shaken up the DCU and kept fans guessing from the very first issue.

Best return of a comic book character

I'm going to select Kara Zor-EL, reintroduced in Superman/Batman #8-13.

Best Comic Book Movie

As I see it, this comes down to two box office monsters....Spiderman 2 and The Incrdibles.

I loved The Incredibles, but I'm going to pick Spiderman 2 as the best comic book movie of 2004. Well acted and well directed, Spiderman 2 cements your friendly neighborhood wall crawler as an A list movie star.

Best new series

The Walking Dead.....
if you aren't reading this book you are retarded....

Best X-book

Astonishing X-Men by Whedon/Cassaday. Pretty much a gimme. Austin (X-Men) is either hit or miss (and unfortunately when he misses, he misses big time). Claremont (Uncanny X-Men) is coasting on his rep (when he's not retconning or ignoring what other x-scribes have done). DeFilippis & Weir (New X-Men) are doing a fine job, but they pretty much use new characters, so it's too early to make a definative statement.

Honorable mention: Millar on Wolverine...his "Enemy of the State" arc is solid. Also of note is McKeever on Mystique...but unfortunately that book is cancelled with #24.

Best Bat-Book

Birds of Prey by Gail Simone. Okay, maybe BoP isn't technically a bat-book, but Simone is fantastic. She nails the characterization of every character, every time. Hot, intelligent women kicking ass? What's not to love!

Most overrated artist of the year - Michael Turner

The guy draws slighty better than Joe Maduiera. His compositions are very basic. No difficult angles or poses, imo. And very simple backgrounds. Skimps on the details (extra lines do not equate more detail). He is this generation's Rob Liefeld, but with smoother anatomy.

The guy draws slighty better than Joe Maduiera.

Hey! I like Joe Maduiera! (Whatever happened to that guy anyway....)