Best of luck Jason Hathaway!

Another forum member is heading off to fight the good fight across the pond. Jason Hathaway is a warrior. He has fought in many shows up here in Mass. and always brings his A-game. Jason, God be with you and we'll see you when you return!

Kevin the ref

ttt for a good guy, be safe bro!

thanks guys, merry christmas

be safe, bastid

"Finish the Drill" Jason and come home safe to your wife and kids.

definitely, Rory, best of luck to you, drop me your e-mail and I'll drop you a line while I'm over there if I get a chance, mines merry christmas, happy holidays to everyone here, and Joe, you still got to show me that flying leglock.

Good luck, man. Be safe.


jason ,be safe and make it back in one peace ...ill be praying for you and your family

 tim   moab  stout

Yeah jason hope everthing goes well

Do whatever you gotta do to get your ass home safe, Jason. You're a true warrior more so than anyone Ive ever known. Thanx for your service and good luck to you.

ttt for one of the toughest dudes i have met in mma.

Jason my e-mail is

Definitely drop me and the rest of the Boneyard gang a line. Try to post on here if you get the chance.

good luck - be safe.

Stay safe Jason, I am looking forward to more photos from the Euphrates!...Joe

sounds good fellas, definitely Bobby you guys keep in touch.

Godspeed Jason, you're the man for the job Ya also give a
good interview! Best of luck, stay healthy