best of luck Mal FOKI

I am very pleased to say that Mal secured a deal with VAS.TV to sponsor him for his appearance in pride v Henry MILLER.

Mal is a superb fighter and I am confident that he and his team will represent VAS well.

Best of luck to Mal and guys do the right thing and thank these guys. Appart from supporting mal and Danny HIGGINS in his upcomming wrecking tour of the US they are doing HEAPS for the sport here including bringing Frank SHAMROCK here who is also a VAS sponsorred athlete.

For Mal and Danny to be on the same team as Frank speaks volumes of both their talent and the regard they are held in by the sponsor and the greater Australian MMA fight community.



Justin how much experience do the average first timers have?

Best of luck to Mal!!!!

Good luck Mal!

Good luck Mal and Daniel who is fighting next week.