Best of Luck Pisand

and Mark DeLuca who are on their way to the land of the Scots. safe travel and fight well, and give us all the news when you return.

and a big hello to all my friends at the Griphouse.

Awesome, best of luck gents.


Mark did a helluva job over there and got a draw. Great show 2000+ fans; full rules muaythai, top competitors to hang with like Rich Cadden, Andy Howson, Rajasak Sor Vorapin, Rudolf Durica, Tony Myers (Ref, judge & coach), etc. Awesome trip again this time.



Very cool!

Thanks Brad - I should mention they had 3 MMA fights too ;) Next one is 10.28.2007

Great pics! Congrats!

Thanks guys!, was an awesome experience as always.

Oh yeah, I'd probably be interested in the MMA.

cool pics!

Yes, I need to thank Gary Thomson for the wicked pics. I think there were 3 photographers ringside plus the cameraman filming for the DVD. So there are tons of quality photos in addition to the friends that used our personal cameras. Big shout to Boonsport for Sponsorship of the shorts for the fighters too.

nice !!!

this is me wishing i would have went when i had the chance to go with Pisand !!

Choke Dee fellahs !!

Congrats, Pisand

Thanks guys - just fishing through the My Threads thing and it's amazing how many you miss.

Mark fights at Patong stadium in 5 days...

POS 3 is in October too, so looking forward to that too.

nice pisand, jaipetch.

Where is he training in Phuket?

I'm going to be there most of July, but am still trying to choose which camp.

Ryukyu - he's not training in Phuket but at Jitti's in BKK. The fight is just there. I cannot recommend Jitti enough - excellent verbal skills, trains top UK guys like Rich Cadden, Liam Harrison, Martin Shivnan, and Aussie's like Adam Kayoom (just won in Lumpinee on June 1st). But if you are set on phuket, email me and I'll hook you up with Thopadak. 2 of my fighters will probably train there in Sept.

Is this a pro fight?

Yes - 5x3 full thai rules. Mark's fight in Scotland was also pro B class (5x2) but we opted to include elbows.