Best of luck St. Pierre and Cote!!

I woke up this morning and thought, "God damn!! We have two Canadians in the co-main events of UFC50!!!" Just wanted to start a thread to say best of luck to George St. Pierre and Patrick Cote!!! I think George can knock this shit out of Hughes if he can keep it on his feet. Hughes won't know what hit him!!! As for Patrick Cote I'm a big fan of his. I like his cocky attitude and think that nice over hand right planted on Tito's chin will be Tito's demise. You have nothing to lose Patrick and everything to gain!!!

I've already started making the phone calls this morning to get a UFC party at my house going for this Friday. It is going to be good!!!

So lets hear it for our Canadian talent everyone!!!!


TTT for these guys I will be routing for both of them. Everybody at Wagnney's academy should be, and hopefully is, routing for these guys, as they both recieved Blue belts from Wagnney.

Cue Imperial March

I surfed over to the forum to post this VERY TOPIC...:)

Georges and have a whole country behind you guys. All the best, good luck, fight matter what happens, you guys will make the majority of us extremely proud.

If you guys read this, PLEASE, bring a Canada Flag and represent this great nation of ours with your two fists. God Bless you both and may you shine on Friday night like you have never shined before.

We're all behind you 100%.

when do they leave??

best of luck guys


Cue Imperial March-LMAO!!! I love it!!!

TTT for St. Pierre and Cote!!! Man it is going to get crazy at my place this Friday night.




We're with ya......

Team Tompkins

They are leaving this morning, best of luck!!!!

Kick some ass guys!

Go get'em fellas!


Always nice seeing Canada represented in the big show!

Kick ars boys!


when you're watching the UFC telecast this Friday and see a bunch of guys in the crowd with this massive Canadian flag jumping up and down.....that's us!

kickass guys!

ShowdownJoe KO'd the Correct

good luck guys

I got George via TKO and Cote by KO

This thread belongs up top

Well today is the day!!!!

Best of luck to the both of them!! Let's hear it for our Canadian fighters!!