Best of Sportfight DVD - Any Good?

I just rented it but only watched the Leben-Radach so far which was pretty good. Radach was actually doing very well up until his jaw was broken. He showed great boxing and wrestling. It's a shame he let his guard down for a breather and got blasted by Leben.

Any other good fights in your opinion that I should look out for?

Just watch the rest of the disc, twit.

I enjoyed the whole thing. Bought it for $10 at Best Buy.

Best Buy's always got good prices. I'm going to check out the rest of it right now... now that I'm done with Blunderson's mother. xoxoxoxo

Wow @ Doerksen triangling Herman unconscious by the way. I would love to see Doerksen rematch Riggs for some reason. I think he'd do much better the second time around.