Best of UFC on now (Sun)

On the West Coast.FS1 on channel 731 (HD) in the 209.

You could be right,but that doesn`t mean that the UFC isn`t on FS1 right now in the 209.

Ha ha,the UFC is blurring out some of the logo`s on the canvas & on the cage.

Not Pretorian,but definately someones that has yellow in their logo.

Hunt vs JDS up next!

Might be Headrush?

Nope not Headrush.

Thanks. I was getting bored of watching the story of the rock fish on NatGeo. Phone Post 3.0

Holy's Hendo vs Shogun. Double thanks. Phone Post 3.0

Brown Abe Barberry - Holy shit!!! Rock fish!!! Nat geo here I come Phone Post
Hahaha! Dooo eeet! Phone Post 3.0