Best Online Casino Offer

at Deposit $200 and they give you a 100%bonus straight away. Withdraw your deposit after you receive your bonus and then you can bet with your free $200 bonus. You cannot withdraw your $200 bonus money until you've cleared their wage requirements but you can withdraw any winnings made over $200.
I've withdrawn $550 just by playing blackjack, making $25 and $50 bets.

They take about 5days to deposit back your money in your neteller account, so you should wait untill its cleared back in your hands before wagerring the free bonus. It's a no lose situation.
You can also get $25 extra with a referral. email me your firstname if you want one sent

has anyone else done this offer?

Im sure there must be a few out there that have done this promo. Theres a massive thread on this at PSO. Reefclubcasino has the same offer but without the extra from refferrals.

pokertime gives you $10 free as well. But the deal is great because you gamble with their $200 and any money you make above that $200 you can withdraw it straight away instead of waiting untill you've completed any wage requirements.

Is this only for first time deposits?

That's Pacific Poker isn't it?  If so, I've done it.  Made an easy couple hundred bucks.

Is reefclub associated with Pacific?  Can I immediately withdraw my original deposit like at Pacific?

I just deposited $200 and got the $200 bonus. I can withdraw $200 now and everything is cool?

Only for first deposits and not reloads. And reefclub is associated with pacific/888 but you can still open a new account with reef and you can withdraw your original deposit.

withdraw the $200 but dont bet the other $200 left until its back in your neteller or CC. Takes a few days before it gets cleared back in your account.

If anyone wants a referral to get an extra $25 email me at

The pacific poker bonus seems too good to be true, but it isn't. I did it myself and it worked like a charm.

They've changed it, but another 15 bucks on top of 200 isnt bad

Heres a link to use as a basic blackjack playing guide

Can you get bonuses from and reefclubcasino?

I only know about their sign up bonuses. But 888 does offer other types of bonuses. I got $5 free for no apparent reason?

I signed up with pacificpoker doing the same thing except you only get a $100 bucks and you have to deposit $400.
Their software sucks and you cant play more then one table at a time, ah well wish me luck playing short stacked at the NL$200 table

Ok, pacificpoker maybe crap but the players are just as bad with an average of 55% of players seeing the flop on the NL$200.

Another thing is they show everyones folded cards, whats up with that??