Best online poker site?

quick question for the OG. I want to start playing online poker. Which site wold be the best to start with? wsop, full tilt, pokerstars. etc.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this

If you're in the US you can't use full tilt or poker stars. Bovada has the most fish on it. Best two for making profit in the a us are True Poker and Bovada. Phone Post 3.0

How can Bovada operate in the US and not the other ones?

No idea. When all the sites were seized by the government they did not seize Bovada True and a few of the smaller sites. Phone Post 3.0

Bovada is a fish factory. Decent size player pool as well. Phone Post 3.0

Carbon Poker also allows US. Whatever you do, don't register yet until you go to and go through there site. Should be able to get a sign-up bonus plus get rake back with the account. Phone Post 3.0

Oh, and Carbon Poker supports mobile devices. Only can play one table at a time on the phone, but still awesome. Phone Post 3.0

In NJ, there's tons of online poker now... Phone Post 3.0

Ultimate Poker seems pretty decent from what I've seen. It's only available in Nevada and New Jersey however.

Jason Somerville has a bunch of vids on Youtube call "Run It Up". I'd recommend checking it out when you're bored.

I've always wanted to get into online poker as well, but it's hard to tell when and where I can legally

If you want lots of fish (shitty players). Dont go to poker only sites like pokerstars and full tilt. go to sports betting sites that also have poker. You get alot of sports bettors that think they know how to play. And if u actually study poker and really try and learn how the game is played you can clean up house against those guys

If your on a poker only site even in the low limits majority of people actually study poker.which is good if you want to not have people call you down to the river chasing a draw and getting lucky on you. But in the long run making money is alot harder on those sites. Its all about what you want

If u just love poker and want to play against good players go to a poker only site. But if your looking to grind up a bank roll and actually make some money id recommend a sports betting site but you have to deal with less games and bonuses and stuff like that Phone Post 3.0

Can I use true poker and that bovada site if I live in AZ? Phone Post 3.0

Way back in the day, I like Paradise Poker and made quite a bit there.  I don't really trust online poker anymore though.  There have been too many scams, either from players cheating or the government just straight up stealing your money.



i miss netteller :(

Later Phone Post 3.0

this forum got me hooked onto hold'em again from a 4-5 year layoff! started an account on bovada and just deposited $25. i played their smallest bb's which are only a nickel, sb being just 2 cents. played for about 30 min and called it a night at an even $30. so i doubled the $5 dollars i "sat down" with. havent played online poker before. i love the fact that when you fold there is no waiting around, you're immediately taken to a new hand in a matter of a few seconds. i highly recommend this site, i'm hooked again. soon i'll be moving to slightly higher stakes and who knows, maybe make enough a month to pay a bill or two. Phone Post 3.0

Lol I miss having 4 tables going at once. Look forward to playing again once legalities are finally worked out. Phone Post 3.0

bovada is legal across the entire United States of 'Merica, is that correct? Phone Post 3.0

sub in to win

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Yes Bovada and true are both legal across the US. Phone Post 3.0