best open guard gi tapes

I need some suggestions of the best open guard gi tapes. I want from defensive end of preventing guard pass, and also proactive ie. sweeps subs, and reversals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Jen has some good info. on his guard tapes and Rodrigo Medeiros(Carlson blackbelt) has some wicked open guard sweeps in his set from

Michael Jen's Ultimate Guard tapes are very good.

Check out "Playing Outside the Guard" by Randy Bloom. It is a 2
volume set and covers alot of material. You can get them from
Island Martial Arts.

I recommend Rodrigo Medeiros Open Guard DVD from Island Martial Arts. Lots of material and great instruction.

Michael Jen's Basic & Intermediate Open Guard tapes are excellent for the foundations of getting and keeping control, however they do not touch on sweeps or submissions from the major control positions (hopefully a future tape, hint, hint). Modeiros' Open Guard tape covers a lot of sweeps and submissions, however this tape isn't as well organized as his Closed Guard tape (which is excellent).

Mike's Ultimate Guard tapes DO touch on sweeps and submissions from the major control positions. Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, but

UG1-part1 is about the basic attacks and sweeps, UG1-part2 is about putting the stuff in UG1-part1 together in combinations, UG1-part3 is about basic open guard control,

UG2-part1 is about submissions and sweeps from "reference points" (aka. control positions) that's mostly from the closed guard, UG2-part2 is about intermediate open guard control (spider guard, f.ex.),

UG3 (two tapes) is about the butterfly guard, i.e. sweeps and submissions (mostly sweeps, but a LOT of them),

UG4 (two tapes) is about the half guard.

Major OPEN GUARD control positions in UG1 and UG2.

Fabio Gurgel's DVD would be a nice addition to Jen's DVD's.

Medeiros' open guard attacks is one of the best instructionals on the market. Very highly recommended!