Best origin?

1 - parents murdered in front of you...

2 - being rocketed to earth as a child and gaining superhuman abilities as a result of your strange physiology

3 - having your body rebuilt after an accident into a superhuman cyborg

Stiltman - the dude learned how to walk on stilts. best origin ever!

Laboratory accident.

"We can rebuild him. We just don't want to spend that much money."

Splinter has Quagmired the correct. That is top 5 in the Family Guy realm of comedy.

" parents murdered in front of you... "

if this causes you to become an obsessive/compulsive crime fighter with limitless resources then this one rocks.

I actually think that the Batman origin is so simple that, that's what makes it great. The Wolverine origin is cool too but it just got so convuloted in recent years with so many books.

Rorschach's origin was great because the majority raised by abusive prostitutes turn out to be serial killers instead.

Possessed by the ghost of a celtic monster a la Hunter Rose.

"I always thought the whole Mutant thing that Stan Lee introduced was a lazy way of getting past having to think up cool origins stories."

Isn't Vision an android made by Ultron? Not that that's a terribly innovative origin or anything.

Spider man.

Parents dead. Father figure uncle Ben killed as a result of his own greed.

With Bat man some faceless crime is his demon. He puts the face of whoever he's fighting on it.

With Spider man he's his own demon, and he can't stop until ther'e are no more bad guys, or his dead.

whip ass.