Best overall fight DVD?

Which fight DVD do you think has the best fights? Your cherished DVD that you never get tired of watching. The one that all the fights are good. What is the "must have" for your collection.


It was the first one I saw. The build up, the raw violence, the clashing of styles, the fact that it was groundbreaking, and outcome couldn't have been written better if it was a Hollywood production.

ufc hits 1 and 2.

Saku's greatest hits.

i like KOTC greatest hits it has Bang, Brennan, Iha, Rampage etc...

hmmm...thats a hard one

UFC hits series

UFC ultimate KO series

fuck man, too hard

I know you can do better than that.

UFC 44 is a good one as is UFC 47.
Smashing Machine has to be up there as well.
Pride Clash of Titans where Liddell KO's Mezger is a often watched one as well.
My kids like KOTC Greatest Hits.

Pride 10 and UFC 2 are some of my favorite DVDs.