best part of state, rebuttal

since i cant post on your thread greg, i will have to make my remarks here. granted diagonal is in the southwest corner of the state and those counties are amongst the poorest in the state. it is the shitter as far economics.

but, if one were to gauge the states geopraphical content as you have divided it, one would see that SW iowa leads the state in consumption of beer. the area you have deemed the best, northeast, consumes the most wine coolers. i dont think i need to say more.

My deepest regrets about not being able to post on my thread. I forget to check that all can post on it. I really do think that I am better than others, but that is not a reason to keep them off of my threads. I will do my best to work harder at this. Sorry.

apology accepted my little wine sipping buddy.

Southwest has the best high school wrestling team ever in the State of Iowa.

Council BLuffs Lewis Central Titans.

thats where the badger wrestled at brad