Best paying TMA?

Apart from pro-boxing and various mix-style organisations such K1, Pride and UFC, with what TMA organisation would you make the best living as a pro athlete?

Is there any money in karate, judo, etc?

wing chun seesm pretty good as you can emphasis technique over actual fitness adn fighting ability you can fill a gym with delusional out of shape slobs

Do you mean making a living teaching or competing. I would guess if you are a top rated Judoka you can probably make a good living teaching Judo.

Im talking competing by the way.


Alright, not a TMA.. but seriously, can you make money competing with any TMA? I cannot believe so.

"crown yourself "grandmaste" 7 sucker a few clueless tools into believing your chi"

Scuse me...Say again.

pro wrestling

If you are an honest teacher in the U.S. , there is no money to made in Wing Chun. I did it for three years best minimum wage part time job I ever had.

Other than an occasional "pro-karate" tournament, that don't pay shit, the only way to make any money in TMA is thru teaching.

I have a Brown Belt in Hapkido. My instructor had Mad money. The only reason I never got my Black was because I finally figured out that he was rapping me for my money verse looking out for my ability as a Martial Artist. He had to have 500 students and he was a gifted TMAist.

p.s. Guess what my Brown Belt in Hapkido got me when I began training at Renzo's ??

Correct - AN ASS KICKING !!!!!!