Best pet insurance?

What's the best pet insurance plan?  VPI, ASPCA, Banfield's in-house program, etc...?


My cat got deathly ill about a year ago and i spent 5 grand keeping the little fucker alive. While at the specialist vet here in Pittsburgh, I asked the staff about pet insurance and their experience with it being used. One of the techs said that she had worked there for 10 years and it was her experience that the insurance companies always tried to get out of paying the bills and would say they didn't cover this or that for any number of reasons.

Also, my sister had pet insurance for her cat for a while and they did the same thing where they tried to get out of covering everything.

Anyway, I saw you got a new puppy. Hope all is well with the little guy.

Best of luck

Friend who is a former vet-tech says that a good vet will always work with cash buyers and save you the premium. But I'm interested to see if anyone has other points of view because I've considered it. Phone Post 3.0

I have VPI and they seem pretty good. Haven't had to use them yet but they're a pretty big insurance company. I think they were the first to insure pets.

And legit lol at ObamaPet. VTFU! Phone Post 3.0

I have 4 pets (3 cats and a dog) and have had over $10K in vet bills over the last 2-3 years.

IM with TRUPANION and they are pretty good, 90% coverage (before taxes and vet visit).

You pick deductible and set deductible. After it was all said and done they probably pay out 8000 of the 10k so I'm happy. Phone Post 3.0

I've had 3 major surgeries for indoor is always out in nature/forest and has been fine, lol she was the one I got it for Phone Post 3.0

Never had and problems with regulation paying a claim or trying to back out.

One thing i do is I pre approve anything major first to make sure they will pay it Phone Post 3.0

There is a new one. My Vet has told me for years not to spend any money on any of the pet insurances but just last week she said a new company (to her) came in and gave a presentation to her and her staff. She said this company appears to be pretty good and they offer a free 30 day no deductible plan if your pet has just been seen at your vet.
I signed up for the free trial, why not?
Anyway, the company is called Trupanion
My vet gave me a form with a number on it that I needed to get the free trial going.
the plans are not cheap, I think it was $39/month for a $500 deductible but I don't know if that's annual or per incidence.
Seems as if they pay for just about everything though. I have only briefly read the policy though.
definitely worth checking out.


I can't really add to this thread other than saying I had a friend who worked in Pet insurance for a while. She said VPI was shit and a total scam. Phone Post 3.0

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