Best "pet safe" weed killer?

I come to the collective wisdom of the OG. I have gravel driveways. New crop of green stuff is poking through and therefore must die. Without killing the cats or dog.


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Recipe For Vinegar Weed Killer

  • 1 Gallon White Vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Liquid Dish Soap or Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Cup Salt (only if you don’t want to replant there)

This. I recently used this to kill poison ivy growing over my backyard fence.


Definitely want to go Vinegar based I would think. Alcohol and bleach based weed killers don’t sound very pet friendly.


orange oil on a hot day


I like it.

Salt doesn’t gum up a sprayer?

No water? Just straight?

Give it a dab

Wow Thanks !

Will try.

Garlan 4 is not working will give this a try.

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Make sure to put salt in the water. That kills the plant. The dish soap binds the saltwater to the plant. Kills it faster Mr Moutain Medic.

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I was going to come here and say this. It works. Maybe not as good as Round Up, but it works and it’s safe.


This but they make commercial strength vinegar. Ise something that is 20% or above

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Vinegar. Stay the fuck away from roundup(glyphosate) and other toxic shit

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Antifreeze soaked meatballs do wonders for weeds in my neighborhood


Awesome advice fellas, deed goes down this weekend

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It’ll take a couple of doses

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I got a couple gallon sprayer off amazon and made this up:
white vinegar, a little water, dawn dish soap, a shitload of salt

it worked better than any weed killer i’ve ever bought. i’d go out in the morning just when it was starting to warm up and hose those bitches down and by lunch they were all brown and decrepit.

edit: it seems about 27 other people suggested this before me. it works. and i’m now upset that i’m not the creator and sole proprietor of my “vinegar and salt kill green things” idea.

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Well sir you named it and it is a damn fine name

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really nothing wrong with Roundup. It deactivates when it hits the soil. It does not cause cancer, that is just a bunch of California tree hugger bullshit. Nothing concise came from all the tests. It was a mercy case that turned the tide. The old dude who got the millions admitted that he had accidentally soaked himself with a backpack sprayer. Follow the fucking directions like a big boy>

Just dont get it on you, don’t breathe it. Use it when it is not windy and wear long sleeves.