Best physique from UFC 110 weigh-ins is....

I would prolly say Kristoff, very lean and ripped with super abs. Unfortunately you can't really see the definition on his arms or back due his tats but he looks in super shape.

Vanderli and Bader were right up there also.


Arianny for sure! She is unreal, I still check out her twitter thread every week.


Arianny is correct

A guy named "Peckerwood" starting a thread about which fighter had the best physique.........................?

This gimmick has become funny to me

Mad Xyientist - This gimmick has become funny to me

It gets funnier everytime because he always gets people.

Arianny is correct.

Mad Xyientist - This gimmick has become funny to me


I've been a fan since the beginning. For some reason no matter how obvious he is, many don't seem to pick up on it. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised; very few ever seem to notice Bry Bry's gimmick either.

Sarcasm misser is a top 10 of all times gimmick. Romo detector was up there as well.

 Did not know Arianny was fighting tonight. Should be a good card.

^^ great sn :)