Best piece of running advice

The best piece of running advice I can offer, which I just discovered tonight, is to keep your head up and look where you're going. I know this will be ridiculous for many of you to hear since its probably so obvious, but it struck me tonight as I ran. I focused on looking ahead as opposed to at the ground, and found I tired out a lot less quickly.

Logically, I suppose it makes sense since looking down will restrict your airflow somewhat, and looking up will allow more air into your lungs. Also, whats in front of you is a lot more interesting than the ground, and helps take my mind off of the fact that I hate running ;)

Just figured I'd offer this small piece of advice to anyone whose running and didnt know this :) Cheers

THINK about other stuff when you are running

I think about how much I hate running :)

I really do hate running

The best piece(s) of advice I received wrt running is get proper running shoes, replace them when needed and stretch after you run.

My advice: start slow, it takes time to get used to the impact on your feet.

Also to note: I never was into running, but I started doing crossfit ( and I love it now. I've been training like this for less than 2 months, and I can run so much faster, with little/no pain. I'd recommend trying sprinting intervals for anyone who hates long distance running.

I don't know about you guys, but the Air Force's running plan was SICK.

I went from 22 minute 2-mile to a 14:20

I thought you where going to say you ran into a car or a tree.

The "head down" happens a lot with people who exercise on stationary, stairwalkers, treadmills, lifecycles. Maybe its because you read on the machine, or have the old headdown daydreaming...whatever. Its really bad when you transition from the lifecycle to a real bike in springtime... ah yes, here i am happily tooling down the side of the road..., enjoying the smell of the flowers, the tighties in tight pants, the sound of the birds.. WTF, what birds... why i am lying on my back, and why the F**K is my bike wrapped around a lamppost...

Do you mean, keep your spine in a natural position? Straight isn't really going to happen...

Jeff Galloway in his really good book on running (titled oddly enough Galloway's Book on Running) offers a simple forumla for keeping good running form: CHP, like the old cheezy TV show.

C - Chest up - Lift up your chest up and forward (imagine a pulley is attached to your chest and the other end is on top of a 3 story building a block away. This will keep your head up as well so it falls nicely in line with your suggestion.

H - Hips forward allows good leg extension. More work will be done by your calfs and less by your hamstrings.

P - Push off strongly with your feet. A small amount of calf muscle work can produce a major push-off effect.

I found that pulling my arms back a little expands the chest out and help breathing...I read something years ago about Micheal Johnson's running technique, if you watch good runners, you'll pick up stuff I'm sure.