Best place (in Canada) to buy decent Thai Pads???

I'm looking for a set of extra-thick XL thai pads, similar in quality to Boes, Twins or Fairtex (but don't have to be these brands). Hoping to avoid the extra border duties and to support a retailer from our neck of the woods.

I don't have a credit card so the retailer would have to be PayPal friendly.

Thanks in advance everyone.

And Kennedy....before you reply....I said THAI PADS, not Pad Thai...and now I'm hungry...

113B Dundas st.W. Whitby,On.

Very good site to browse.

Yup! MMA Depot in Whitby has some VERY sweet thai pads!! good prices also.

Sean "Tink" Quinn -
Very good site to browse.

ahahaha also here, lol

ttt for thai equipment

 I've been looking on Ebay but only I've only found one supplier in Canada. Duty fees are a bitch.

Stay with the Thai made brands Windy, Fairtex or Twins. And secondly, get the model with the buckles they will easily last you 5 times longer than velcro which once it wears out, will leave you with nothing more than a pad for perching your ass on.