Best place in Vegas for wife/me to watch PPV?

I haven't been lucky enough to get tickets for less than $100 anywhere ;( so the wife and I need to find a place to watch. Any suggestions? Phone Post 3.0

Hotel room Phone Post 3.0

Pay the $100 each and go man! It will be worth it!!! Phone Post 3.0

Seriously - if you are in Vegas right now, you need to go to this fight! Don't watch it in a bar, get in there with your hot wife (pics please) and watch it live!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I just don't have a lot of spare money after driving down plus motel. Here are pics. It's kind of an anniversary trip for us. If anyone has any leads on cheap ones let me know asap!

(pics for proof of anniversary and non-pointy elbows) Phone Post 3.0

I hope you went! Phone Post 3.0