Best place to buy Muay Thai gear and shirts in BKK

Fellas, just arrived in Bangkok and I wanna do the whole Muay Thai tourist thing. I'm planning on hitting up Lumpini for some fights this week so any tips on that would be great.

I also want to hear about where I can get some cheap Muay thai gear and shirts. Are there camps that will allow visitors? I'm not in good shape to train since I just had surgery on my knee, but would love to stop by a camp and just observe/hang out with fellow enthusiasts pick up some t-shirts etc.

You can pick up gear at the shops around Lumpini and Rajadamnern. Also, at the night bazaar next to Lumpini there are a few shops selling some gear. Also at the nightbazaar there is a camp, Muay Thai 2000.

So within a relatively close area, there a a few options.

Some other options for gear are the numerous sport shops near the national stadium(just past MBK shopping mall)

Stadium shops are the best for stock and inventory. They have Twins, KING and windy. The night market have some but you will need to bargain since they will offer you the Farang price.Got better deals at the Stadium shops and found the most selections.

If you want Fairtex, you will have to go to the camp to get it.the camp at Bangplee should be good.

 Boon Sport is very good.


 The Twins and Top King shops at Lumpinee.

Here is my loot from Thailand this summer.



 What did that set you back U$ Ryu?

Less than $400 for all of it.

Where's the BOON shop located at?

At the end of the BTS, On Nut station on Soi 81. Just walk out of the station and take a motorbike taxi for 8 baht. They all know where the shop is.

What, no pics of the "shopping" from the Nana Plaza?

Ryukyu Damashi

what size Boon thai pads are in the picture of the gear that you bought, and what is the large item with the Boon logo at the bottom of the picture?


also, do you know if the boon thai pads that have only 1 strap are the small ones?

The Boon pads I bought are small and only have one strap. All other Boon pads have two.

Ryukyu Damashi - Here is my loot from Thailand this summer.

I got those same lime green nation man anklets high 5

how do you like the boon gloves? I like all their other stuff but haven't found gloves that I like better than my 14oz Twins