Best place to stop on the way to San Fran from LA?

Hey bros. I am driving from LA to San Fran with a mate (no homo) from LA to San Francisco. Any advise on where to stop? I was thinking around Big Sur or is it quite dead around there? Any Advise would be greatly appreciated. I am Australian so I have no idea. Thanks a bunch!

Stay the fuck away from Fresno. Come visit me in Folsom and I'll buy you a beer. Are you taking 101? Yosemite is a must see dude. Phone Post 3.0

I mean just depending on what you're options are. If you really wanna see it hit Lake Tahoe. There's so many. If you take 101 hit pismo beach and grab yourself some clam chowder at splash cafe. Or a pismo wrap at hoagies. Phone Post 3.0

I always just get on 5 and keep going. It's only 7 hours straight. Stop midway at a truck stop somewhere to eat and shit, listen to a couple of podcasts. Phone Post 3.0

I camped at Big Sur 2 weeks ago, you'll probably like it if you're into hiking/camping/coastlines etc.

It's not dead at all, on the contrary I would advise you book a camping spot in advance (if camping was your idea).


The coast highway is a longer route but worth it going up. If you can time it right make sure you're getting passed big sur truth at sundown, sunset is radical.... I highly suggest this.
Big sur is way cool. I always enjoy staying the night and waking up the next morning to check out the crazy tall trees and sunrise. You'll probably have a difficult time go is g a place to stay since summer is very busy there.
Hearst castle is lame.
Santa Barbara is radical... So fun. Eat anywhere... It's all great.
Monterey is more family oriented but nice.
Downtown Santa Cruz is awesome.

When you get to SF eat at NOPA. Order the PorkChop..... It's perfect... Make a reservation ASAP it gets booked up. House of primer in is old school but fun.
Zero zero pizza and Italian.... Phone Post 3.0

Stop at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz or Monteray Bay Aquarium. Big Sur is awesome but a way longer drive. Phone Post 3.0

Oh, take that guy up on his beer in Folsom... It's a shithole but when you know a local.... You gotta take go for it.
Yosemite and Lake Tahoe are way the fuck outta the way.... 6 hours from LA... Yosemite is 4 from San Francisco ...
But he's right, Yosemite is incredible. Again summer is packed....
Bridalveil campground is first come first serve. Phone Post 3.0

You looking for something "on the way" or looking for a big detour/road trip?

Paso Robles
Piedras Blancas
Morro Bay
San Luis Obispo
Hearst Castle Phone Post 3.0

stop and get some pea soup

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stop and get some pea soup

yes. And stop in Patterson. It's beautiful this time of year.

If you have the time, take a couple days and go the coastal route. It's a long haul for one day, and you won't have time to stop and see much. If you plan an overnight along the way(San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach is a good just past midway), you can take your time and see why so many people like California.


Big Sur, Santa Barbera,Santa Cruz(Boardwalk and downtown), Monterey, Carmel, 

What kind of things do you want to do/see?

Big Sur for sure. Just drive down highway 1 and enjoy the scenery. Phone Post 3.0


half moon  bay




Oxnard!!! lol

Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz... Phone Post 3.0

We stayed overnight at San Simeon.
Worth doing the drive in a decent car too. Lots of great road along there. Phone Post 3.0