Best Places for Roti in Toronto??

What are some of your favorite west indian places in toronto for roti? I really like the roti palace near bathurst station and this carribean resturant on vp north of eglinton.

what are some of your favorites?



Alberts Real Jamaican Food on Queen Near the old Rebellion Gym? Ive only been there once and had some awesome salt fish.

I will DEFINATELY check out their roti


It's no albert's, but Tarin Roti delivers. Queen East, I think. 416 963-9800

There is a place at St Clair West and ?  If someone said the name l would remember it.


Alberts is also good.  There is a little place at Don Mills South of Finch just before   Don Mills Center.

Hey Spooky. If you're in Scarborough, there's a place at Midland/Lawrence called ACR for rotis. If you like goat curry with peas and rice, the best place for that is at this lickle place north of Brimley and Finch just off of Alexmuir. At Jane/Finch, I think there's a Roti Palace there too which was pretty good in the old days. You just gotta watch those places that try to throw more potatos than meat in their roti. I hate when I try a new place and they pull that scam.

Next door to Albert's on Queen Street, near old Rebellion, Ghandi Cuisine. The Roti's are gigantic.


Bachus Roti on Queen West. Best in the city with volcanic hot sauce.

Peanut Plaza, Don Mills and Finch.

VP and York Mills.

The area is saturated with Roti, Jerk Chicken and Ox Tail delicacies.

Day in and Day out, the food is amazing.

ghandi roti hands down, queen street W, just past bathurst
across from Suspect

wow a buncha places I gotta check out!

seeing as I love goat curry and I love peas Ill definately try that place with the curry and rice

does anybody know where the roti hut is located?

NE corner of Dufferin & King there is a west indian
restaurant - I forget the name;

There's a place on Queen west, just west of Minoru
dojo on the north side, west of Dufferin;

Rolands on Eglinton East @ McCowan (n/e corner);

Albert's has roti? Usually Jamaican places don't sell
roti - it's more of a trini/guyanese dish/food...
Albert's is good though, his curry/jerk chicken and
pork is amazing.

me wan roti mon!

lol@captaincaveman....'lickle'. ;)

Hey Wayne-o. You caught my 'lickle' comment. Somehow I just start talking/writing that way when I'm thinking of goat curry w/roti. As far as Rolands, the word was that it was known to have vermin and people saw mice running around while eating there. It's been there forever though and maybe they've corrected the problem. There's a place beside beside the Mandarin at Brock/Hwy 2 in Pickering that I've been going to lately...Roti Hut is at McCowan and Pitfield which is just north of the 401. It's not bad but they're into the potato scam there.

CC, I work under contract for Toronto Hydro and I'm
in and out of restaurants daily...believe me when I
say this...there are mice/rats in EVERY restaurant;
some more than others, but they're there. One might
think they've rid a restaurant of them (and they
might temporarily), but they're there.

Back to the roti thing, try Eglinton west between
Allen Rd to Keele - tons of WI restaurants.

Someone mentioned Bathurst and St.Clair..there's
Albert's there at Vaughn Rd (n/w corner), and there's
a wee patty shop right on Vaughn Rd (s/w corner) at
St.Clair. It's run by a west indian woman and the smell
coming from there at noon every day is just out of
this world. She sells mostly patty with coco bread
and fish galore. Not sure about roti though.

That's the place I was thinking of, The Jerk Pit.
There's a few of them around the city, but the one I
try to stop at to get jerk pork is the one Eglinton w
@ Oakwood. Mmm, mmm good!


SDJ is correct!

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