Best position for submission?

If someone did a mathematical breakdown of the wins in MMA, BJJ and sub wrestling competitions, what position is best or most likely to produce a submission victory? By position, I mean mount, half mount, guard, from inside the guard, etc.

The totals might be slanted in different directions based on the style of competition as well. For instance in BJJ comps it seems like the guard might be the best overall position, but in subwrestling it could be the mount?


rear mount for sure

it seems like 90% of the time someone gets anothers back they dont finish. I would say that most subs are produced from guard and most submissions period would be strikes from mount.


I didn't even think of rear mount! Myself I figured the guard with a very close second of the mount.

Also, let's remove submission from strikes from the equation.

Let's say submission holds only.