Best positional escapes vid?

What is the best positional escapes vid? Preferably one that shows more than one escape from side control,half gaurd, and mount.

Michael Jens "Ultimate Pin Escapes"

1) Roy Harris BJJ 101 ( 1 DVD, all positional escapes from lots of positions, especially the Mount and Side Mount. It also includes headlocks, wrestler's cradle, scarf hold, and guard passing. Great overview with other goodies too.

2) Mike Jen's Pin Escapes ( 7-part series now on DVD, each edition focuses on a different position. For mount escapes or half guard, you'll have to get his other instructionals (he has a 2-tape set on Mount Escapes, and a 2-DVD set on Half Guard). Much more money, but much more material.

As was noted, M.Jen has a great series on this.

If you were to buy only one video, however, I HIGHLY recommend Matt Thornton's FJKD 2 Series "Escapes from Bottom". See my comments on the SBG forum under the thread "If I am only going to buy one SBG Video..."


I agree with Jeff

Matt Thorntons FJKD 2 Series(Escapes from the Bottom) is loaded with great escapes that are all high percentage. You can add them your gae right away


twinkletoesCT has danced all over the correct.

I have seen BJJ101 and it gives good coverage of all the bread and butter escapes to all the basic bottom escapes on one disc, and often (as Roy Harris has many surprise sales) at incredibly inexepensive cost.

Ultimate Pin Escapes + Ultimate Mount Escapes covers side, modified scarf, scarf, reverse scarf, knee-on-stomach, and north/south, and the mount both standard and slant (one knee at your head, other foot posted at your ribs), each in their own volume, with all the standard escapes along with responses to common counters and how to flow between them.

Most importantly, both are by instructors who have consciously and consistently worked to hone their teaching skills to the maximum.