Best post workout carbs?

Im just looking for some suggestions as to the best source of carbs post workout.

I know they should be high glycemic. I am looking for whole foods. I dont really eat bread, pasta or cereal.

Would a piece of fruit do the trick?

Bread and pasta are two of my fave post workout carbs. That and rice.


Maybe maltodextrin? You can buy maltodextrin powder in the cooking section of a lot of grocery stores.

Grape juice

I go the ghetto the route and use Gatorade with a milk chaser for protein.

I use dextrose in my post workout protein shake - from smarties, pixie sticks, sweet tarts or in bulk.

Accelerade, and Cytomax. Works well and fairly cheap.

I usually eat Yogurt or some fruits after a workout.

Cool thanks guys. Had 1/2 a grapefruit post workout today.

Bananas are my first choice. Or I eat whatever other fruit is around.

I thought it was most important to get protein in your body after a workout. What is the purpose of carbs after the workout?

You need both

"For optimum muscle recovery, two important needs must be met: glycogen, a form of stored glucose for energy, must be replaced and protein synthesised to rebuild muscle. Because glycogen holds on to water, its rapid replacement after exercise volumises the muscles, producing the pumped effect. Research consistently shows that the balance of what you eat in the first hour after training can improve recovery."

ChemialSage has smacked the correct upside the head. If we get our glycogen from a high GI carb such as dextrose (as opposed to fructose or glucose) which has been shown to preferentially refill muscle, rather than liver, glycogen stores, all the better.