Best Protein for MMA/BJJ

I apologize if this has already been discussed recently, but I am looking for opinions on your favorite protein drink/meal replacement. I am not trying to put on weight,

I am looking to maintain my current weight and strength and recover faster.

Currently I take Myoplex light in the morning and EAS 100% after training and at night. I love the Myoplex, but it is expensive and does not come in a tub (only packets). The 100% tastes good, but is watery.

Any thoughts?

Pasteurized egg whites

Personally I prefer real food over protein shakes & meal replacements. 

What about low-fat milk?

I have had good results with both Nitro-Tech and Muscle Milk. To help recover consider this: When sleeping at night, most people do not wake up to eat. Instead eat cottage cheese before you go to bed. Cottage cheese contains both whey and casien proteins. Whey is fast absorbing and casien is slow absorbing. By ingesting casien before bed you increase recovery. GNC also makes something called PM proetein that has a whey/casein blend.

Thanks Mallard. I'll try cottage cheese before bed.

bio tests protein won protein of the year award from mens health...has great protein mix..worth a try

Metabolic Drive is the best tasting protein ive used, but wwwaaaaaayyyyyy too expensive to get to Australia. Plus Biotest fucked me round so i boycott them.

Just ordered some Inner Armour, see how that goes.

Hemp protein mixed with sprouted flax and maca. Maca, pre-workout, gives me a huge boost. The benefits of flax and hemp are many. Check out

the best protein is a good balanced blend of high protein real foods...casein (especially isolated casein) is definitely the worst protein to ingest you may as well drink elmers fact many glues use casein concentrate.

supplements are a waste. eat a can of tuna, a variety of whole grains more than just wheat too, nuts seeds flax hemp there are tons. Muscle Milk may as well be evaporated milke with some flavor and a crushed up vitamin pill, same with Myoplex and the other crap out amazes me people waste their money on this crap

and also until you have your digestive system in proper working order all the supps and protein in the world won't help you a bit. I would also be more conscious of fiber intake than protein

What do you mean best protein for MMA? Dontunderstand.

TTT for sport-specific protein drinks!

Make sure you get the kind with amino acids. The others are probably just a waste of money.

What's the best toothpaste for mma?  Or guitar strings?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Colgate & D'addario

Colgate has no ground game.

Go with Rembrandt.

crest pro health and ernie ball super slinky imo

Optimum Nutrition Whey is tasty.

My favorite is bomber blend available at