best protein powder for Lactose intolerant?

in your opinion and experience.


hemp protein, egg protein, pea protein, soy protein

If none of the above is an option, then a pure isolate or whey hydro should have minimal lactose in it

Syntrax Nectar tastes awesome and is a pure isolate

Another option would be EAA around workouts and get your protein from foods

Muscle milk has a lactose free product.

I'd go over to and check out all the proteins they offer. Go threw them one by one till you find one that agrees with your digestive track.

I buy the little Muscle Milk cartons from Costco. They don't give me any problems. I use the Isopure powder as well and that doesn't give me stomach issues either. I get the unflavored one.

From what I've been told Isolates have very little if no lactose. Concentrates do have lactose. You may have to order from or to make sure you get a pure product.

thanks to all.ill check out Costco.

p.s.also no way in hell im getting anything from had a thread about that place in and that place is shady.ingredients not what they are,and their factory is in the same factory with pet foods.

Yeah. I always believe everything I read from the dingle berries at the forums.

Nothing wrong with dairy proteins as long as they are isolates, not concentrates.