Best Protein Powder?

Well Im not as hip as I use to be to all the new supplements. I was pretty loyal to Designer Whey. Im wondering if anyone has some good suggestion for protein. Price and efficacity wise

Well whey is good for post workout, and for any other time there are a variety of options such as casein,milk(not the store bought) egg, or a blend of those
or have great prices on all of them.

Designer whey is still a good product.

Some of my favorite are: CFM Whey from, Syntrax Nectar and Muscle Milk (even though it's more of an MRP).

Call me VERY old fashioned but I still use Rheo
Blair's original milk and egg protein. It is only sold
in 25 lb bags.

TO STEWEDOWL: Blair's protein costs $235 for a
25 pound bag, and that includes all shipping. I mix
it two ways: first the way Vince Gironda told me to
years ago: I eat it rather than drink it -- take some
shredded coconut, mix in some heavy cream, and
add in the protein powder and mix well. Then just
eat it. I also used to use it with half and half when I
was younger and wanted to bulk up. At age 49, that
is no longer the case. If you want the address,
email me at guys

While we're talking Protein, what do people think of
Casein v Whey?

Casein is better for before bed, it forms a gel and lasts a while longer than the quickly digested whey.

Exactly what he said.

could you explain - it forms a gel.

casein stays in your boodstream longer because
when ingested it forms a gel like substance which
naturally takes longer to breakdown than a liquid
so it feeds to your muscles at a slower pace.