best protein powder

I recently read that adding a scoop of protien powder to your morning's oatmeal is a great tactic.

What is the best type of powder?

thanks in advance

I like this stuff called NECTAR. No carbs, no fat, only protein. I dont know
whether it would taste good with oatmeal, but i think it is comparable to a
more fruit smoothie like drink.

ON 100% whey

Best for what?

There are many types of protein supplements designed for different purposes.


I use Muscle Milk as my primary protein powder, but I don't think I'd add it to my oatmeal.

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Prolab N-Large

I love ON 100%, especially the chocolate mint mentioned. I also found the rocky road kinda gross.

Guys, I am adding the Optimum Nutrition protein pwder line to my site today. The prices will be great!