Best Protein Shake for $$$$???

I need to order a new tub of protein shake tonight...what is the UG opinion on the best protein shake for the amount you spend? I'm not looking to spend a ton, but I'd like a decent product. Also, what are some good companies to purchase from? I've heard of good?


DPS is one of the best I've used. Discount anabolics is probably second best.

Musclemilk is pretty high in fat, if I'm trying to lose weight will it hurt my progress in burning fat.

Does muscle milk taste good? I'm thinking about buying some tonight.

What about this.

I want something that's real high in protein.

I'm still leary about MuscleMilk because of all the fat. cookies and cream muscle milk and a gallon of skim milk...TRUST shake ever...dont get discouraged about the fat..I do 3 shakes a day and am usually around 7% bf.

Cap...try putting it in the freezer for like 15 minutes after you shake it..Tastes like a milkshake.

" Question about Muscle Milk------is it a PROTEIN, or a BULKER/WEIGHT GAINER?"

Yes can someone please give a better explanation of muscle milk?

protien factory . com

Alright, I'm definitely going to get the musclemilk. I am also a little worried about the fat content, because I'm trying to drop about 15 pounds right now...but it sounds like if you work out regularly, your body will use Musclemilk's fat pretty easily? Is that about right?

You won't regret this decision

do a shake right after you work out. and another an hour before bed.

I was using Isopure but it got a little expensive so i've been using  Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey since January.. MM seems a little expensive but I may end up giving it a try..


RTDs or Powder ???

fat guys can use this?

Christ on a cracker guys...350 calories per serving, and you're supposed to take 4 servings daily? Is it a meal replacement too?


Commission check comes next week so I'll be picking some up then.

2 shakes a day is good to get could do a 3rd as a meal replacement if you wanted though..

i've got the 10 lb bag from affordable supplements. worth the money imo

I take three shakes a day of Muscle Milk but only one scoop per serving with low fat milk. It has the best taste of any shake I have had.

I have been taking it a month while lifting again seriously and put on ten pounds and still have my six pack. It's not that fattening, especially with a little rolling or cardio. Just watch your carbs.

You can always try Evopro if you don't want all the calories in Mucle milk. It contains the same protein mixture as Muscle Milk without all the fat and carbs.

It helped me lose those 10kg I gained after I had to stop judo for a while. Yes without judo I become a pathetic, over-eating couch potato.


i buy a huge ass thing of whey protein from BJ's for like $20 bucks and it works good for me. its just protein. no need to get fancy

I actually ordered Muscle Milk last week because of all you guys always raving about its taste (now THAT sounded gay!!!).

I'm all hyped and all, then pouf. It tastes OK, quite good in fact, but not THAT great, well IMO. Then I read that you didnt like Caramel Pecan that much so I'll try a new one then! What about Creme brulee? (I cant beleive I'm discussing the taste of protein shakes - I love the internet!)

Something weird to consider too: MM tastes very good - even if my expectation were higher - and a couple of times I could NOT stop myself and just put scoop after scoop right in my gut and flushed it down with water. That jug will be finished fast!

Oh as for my two personal favourites for taste: Cholate Mint whey protein by Cytosport, and Chocolate Heavy Weight Gainer by Champion Nutrition. Even if I become a couch potato I'll still drink those for the taste alone!