Best quote ever!!

So i'm watchin the Lakers/Sonics game and it's right before halftime. I'm doin a couple things at once and kinda half ass paying attention to the game when I hear this from Sundy...

"Everyone has been trying to fill that gaping hole in the absence of Kobe Bryant"

I'm still laughin at this one. That was some great shit, Sundy!!


Are all the Kobe haters on here getting soft? Are bob and I the only ones left here with a sense of humor? It's a sad sad day on the NBA forum when Kobe and a gaping hole get passed up. I feel so violated

LMAO!!!!!! Can't believe I missed this one. lol, I was watching that game at a bar and the audio was off. That's classic.

greatest NBA quote is still "fo, fo, fo".

Damnit, why does that sound so familiar!!?!? Who said that and what one jones??

greatest quote is still "Ship be sinkin'"

"Damnit, why does that sound so familiar!!?!? Who said that and what one jones??"

Moses Malone was asked how he thought his Sixers would do in the playoffs. "Fo, fo, fo", meaning they would sweep all 3 series in 4 games.

Aaaah, thank you. lol, that's gold.

I remember seeing a quote from a coach (can't remember if it was an NBA coach or an NFL guy) in the 70's that was pretty good. A reporter asked him after a blowout loss, what he thought of his team's execution that night. He said "I'm all for it." LOL