Best rashguards for the money?

UG bros,

I need to begin wearing a rashguard for my grappling sessions.

What are the best brands, and where to buy?

Thanks for the help...

I like Hayabusa but you can get away with just about anything. Under armour is also on my list Phone Post

New Nogi Velox is insane quality and feel

I just placed an order with NOGI...Anyone know if Chris Brennan is still involved with the company?

I can still remember his epic "MF-ing Liar" thread from back in the day. Best thread ever!


I have a NOGI colour ranked rash guard. I love it, it's super durable. It's a bit longer too so it doesn't ride up as much when you're rolling. Phone Post

Chris is my older brother and he is still involved with Nogi.

And yes that thread was a great thread.

KC- if you like the old one, wait until you try the Velox. All biased aside, it's ridiculously comfortable, performs better and is more durable than previous rashguards. It may even be bullet proof... :-P


Zack why the hell you up so early?

I have a Tapout one I like and a couple under armours that are good as well but a while back I bought a bunch of cheap ass ones a Walmart that are damn near as good and they are like 12 bucks.

NOGI clothing stay pretty too, unlike all my tattered Fairtex shit.


they are cheaper than any other brand you will find and come in any color. $25 for short sleeve, $35 for long sleeve.

i actually caught a deal on and got 2 long sleeve for $10 each.

Sam's sells the nike version of underarmor shirts every few months. They cost 5 or 10 bucks. They normally last me 6 months.

I've got a Starter one from Walmart. It was less than $20 and has lasted over a year already.

Under Armor is not a rash guard. It is a thinner material that will rip/tear alot easier.

Everlast's new line of MMA gear is crap. Their rashguard is no different than Under Armor.

A real rash guard is much thicker and a lot more durable. The problem is, everyone is on the MMA bandwagon, so you will likely be overcharged for them. There were tons of good deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

I would also suggest looking for surfing rash guards. Same exact thing, different colors/designs, and probably 25% cheaper because you aren't paying the MMA fad tax.

They're almost sold out but Target had some good ones in red, blue, black and green, l-sleeve compression, for like $12.