best replacement les paul pickups?

I have an epiphone Les Paul studio and I love it but I have heard that I will love it more if I drop in some aftermarket pickups. I would like some suggestions of what to pick up. I like to play mostly classic rock/ blues tunes. For tone I like Slash, Frehley, Skynard, Gibbons, Govt Mule type les paul tone. Thanks

I dropped some prs #7's in my epiphone standard lp and also in an ibanez iceman. Great tone, made a world of difference, especially on the ibanez.

Ordered them from this place:

they'll take care of you.

the paul reed smith website has soundclips of the pu's fyi.

the Seth Lovers are pretty sweet. i threw EMG 81's in my epiphone les paul, for the a good crisp metal tone.

I put a couple Dimazio's (sp?) in my old epiphone and it sounded pretty killer.

What have people heard about GFS pickups? The are really cheap on ebay and have gotten some pretty good reviews.

Because the Seth Lover's are unpotted coils, they have cool overtones but are very sensative to volume induced microphonic feedback.

grapple god, for the kind of music you listed, I would lean toward lower output humbuckers like the Duncan 59,Gibson 57 classic(Gov't Mule) Duncan Pearly Gates(ZZ Top) or Duncan Alnico II(Slash). I would avoid active pickups like the EMGs simply because the slightly compressed tone is not like the passive pickups used by those you listed.

GFS are cheap. You may like the sound,but then Taco Bell is OK for the money too. j/k

OK, that's not fair, I just am not familiar with the product.

I might also mention that because guitars all differ and get used through a variety of gear, what someone else says about a pickup really doesn't mean much until YOU hear it. Personally, I don't feel I've given myself a chance to really know what's best for a guitar until I've had 3-4 pickups in it. Many companies like DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan will exchange a pickup within 30 days of purchase for another, and will work with you to make sure the new one is closer to the mark. Don't settle for the wrong tone because you buy the wrong pickup!

thanks racer great advise.