Best representative of MMA?

Which fighter or important figure best represents MMA? Phone Post

Easily gsp, has a great attitude and carries himself very well, he always draws for ratings Phone Post

Ace. Phone Post

Diaz and it's not even close

 Chael Sonnen

Diaz Phone Post


Rogan definitely deserves a mention.

probably GSP. But it bugs me the way he never gives sraight answers

kudos to you brently. i hope somebody takes you up on it..



Franklin Phone Post

Chris Lytle Indiana State Senator, Fireman, Father and Fighter who has never been knocked out or submitted his entire career. Phone Post

*state senator elect! Lol Phone Post

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After watching Ronda Rousey deal with those politicians she is getting her name in the hat too. Phone Post

GSP, Fedor, Coenen and Nogueira <br />