best reveb pedal?

I have an epiphone valve jr that I just love. I use a tube screamer up front and the amp just sings. Now I know what all the hoopla was about tube amps. Anyway I would like to add a reverb pedal to the mix and wanted sugestions about what everyone thinks. help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

EH holy grail.

Id bet my life you love it. A friend of mine has that exact rig, with the holy grail, it sounds truely amazing.

the Digitech Digiverb is a pretty good pedal with tons of options- it should work well with the valve jr., but my amp is a hight gain monster and I noticed some volume sucking from the pedal-

Line 6's Verbzilla is better pedal with no noticable volume or tone sucking to my ears and again, tons of reverb choices on tap-

Visual Sound's H20 is an Echo/Chorus pedal that sounds really nice and gives you two top quality effects in one but can be operated individually or together, TBP and great sound-

id stay away from digitech, that stuff sucks all your tone out. Analog pedals are where its at

I'm partial to analog and like the holygrail myself. I don't know if I agree
that digital sucks the tone out, some of them sound pretty damn good
and have a lot more variety of sounds - line6 verbzilla for example.
Danelectro makes some moderately cheap reverbs that sound alright but
are more specific, (slapback, echo, tapedelay) depends what kind you

you're right on the line 6, that pedal is super cool. Also check out their echo pedal, its sick. However from working at GC, i base alot of what i say on what we see there. Digitech seem to have alot of returns and repairs. Yes not all break, cause i know someone is gonna be like "well i have this digitech pedal and its fine." I know, not all break, but many do. The sound quality seems to leave something to be desired.

My main point, with your head, and that pedal, it will sound amazing.

awesome I will pick up a holy grail. thanks for the advise I totally appreciate it.

let me know what you think when you get it!

check this thread-

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