Best Rookie Duo in NBA History????

NO, of course I'm not saying Lebron and Melo!!!!! lol :)

I took this from an poll so we can decide amongst our forum of geniusness without having any stupid dummies fucking it up for us. lol

Which rookie duo was the greatest in NBA history?

1960-61: Oscar Robertson and Jerry West

1979-80: Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

1984-85: Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon

I personally have NO fucking clue!!! lol

M. Daniels and Josh Howard.

Larry and Magic

MJ and anybody else

Magic and Bird-----that rivalry carried the NBA through most of the 80's, after the league suffered a bit of a drought popularity-wise. Plus, both guys are arguably among the top 5 players ever, that's gotta count for something.

Magic and Bird. Hakeem and Jordan and Big O and West are both tied for a close second. In fact, I might take Hakeem and Jordan over Robertson and West, but just barely.

Gotta love that triple double stat for Oscar. GO KINGS :)

I'll go with Bird and Magic- but obviously they're all great- not really a "wrong" pick in that group.

Wasn't Barkley a rookie the same year as MJ and The Dream?

Of course, Lebron and Melo are a million miles from that- but that's no disrespect to them- they're the two best players to come into the league at the same time in several years.

"Wasn't Barkley a rookie the same year as MJ and The Dream?"

Yeah, so was John Stockton. All together, I think that was the best draft class ever.

HOLY CRAP!!!!! That's insanity!!!!!!!!! Oh man, that would have been the SQUAD!!!!

gotta go with Jordan and the Dream, very close call though.

Definately those few years there saw an amazing influx of talent.

Shaq and Zo was another very good one- not quite up there with the ones above- but pretty damn good.

Barkley and Stockton as mentioned above. :)

Lots of notable players in that draft.

Olajuwon, Jordan, Perkins, Barkley, Stockton, Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis, Jerome Kersey, and current Pacers coach Rick Carlisle. Matt Doherty too I think.

Yeah, especially before Eddie opened his yappr. :)

watch it fool............

SHAQ and Zo.

Magic and Bird!!...Everytime they played each other ..u were about to witness a war!..They hated to lose to each other!..

Magic kicked his ass though!!..I hated Bird..but now have respect for him!