Best ROSS purchase....

Hey Scott,

This is Judah Ciervo from Philadelphia.I know this question has probably been asked ten times over and the answer given even more....but I am wondering which video series you feel would be of the most use to an individual who is just starting to try to think on how to apply biomechanical principles to ground engagements and disengagements.If you will recall my backound is almost entirely in Muay Thai with a few seminars strewn throughout the years that focused on a more down to earth perspective of fighting shall we say.
I am in my first month of training seriously in submission fighting and I am looking for a series of videos that will not only allow me to better understand how my body can potentially work on the ground but one that will also give me exercises to enhance how my body really SHOULD move on the ground and otherwise.
I am going to take a guess and say that you will probably be pointing me towards the GT series but having been away from the forum for a while I am unaware as to any new videos or second additions of the GT series.
Any and all advice will be seriously appreciated and most defintely applied in making my decision as which series to purchase.
I would aslo like to ask one other favor which I know you will answer most directly as you tend to.Which serie(s) aside from the ones you directly sell would you recommend me purchasing in order to better pursue my goal(I will not be at all offended or surprised if you recommend me ONLY your series, as I know you know the type of mind I have and am aware of my abilities to delineate and extrapolate information to its logical end....I ask only for a beggining.)

Peace, Love and Brotherhood

Judah Ciervo

Body Arts Gym /Fight Factory