Best rpgs for Nintendo switch?

Looking to get a couple games that I haven’t played. Anything worthwhile on the switch?

Diablo 3, Witcher 3

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Witcher 3 is the best game ever, replaying it right meow and tryind to do all missions, it is massive.


Don’t own a switch yet, but in for knowledge.

I haven’t played any of them before. I’ll look it up!

Do you like traditional JRPGs? If so Dragon Quest 11 is great.

More Fallout-Raquel? The outer worlds is on Switch and like a smaller version of Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

And as others have said - Witcher 3 is on there as is Skyrim.

I love the switch. I have the dock hooked up to a projector to play smash bros and mario kart with my son. But I can also take it on the go to play Pokémon and other time waster rpgs

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I felt Diablo 3 was a little bit of a letdown. :confused: but to be fair I played 2 for years and really just wanted a rehash of that with a few new characters.

I did search youtube for best switch rpgs…but it depends on what you’re looking for I guess. Action, turn based, jrpgs, etc.

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The Bioshock collection.


On the switch I prefer turn based. I bring it with me to kill time. The Zelda games look great and everything but I prefer stat upgrades and skill trees.

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Have you played Final Fantasy 7?

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I play it once a year. Just to rape ruby weapon in different ways then stop before I kill sephiroth. :neutral_face:

It is hands down my favorite game ever.

I’m waiting to play the remake though. I intend to take a week off work and get an ounce of great weed and play it all at once when it’s finished.

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Have you played crisis core for the psp? Or dirge of ceberus(spelling?)

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Haha, yeah, I did play Dirge Of Cerberus, I ordered it online once, just thinking it was regular ff7, I had trouble getting into it.

I only played this game a little, on xbox, but I guess it’s on switch too, and pretty popular…

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Man I almost bought it yesterday. I’ve heard the gameplay is pretty solid but the story is garbage. :frowning:

Try crisis core if you haven’t played it yet. It adds a ton of story to ff7

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I’ll look into it.

I have this downloaded, but haven’t played it yet. Looks interesting. ( also on the switch, I think)

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Damn. That looks solid. I’ll have to check it out

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