Best runingback you've ever seen?

Emmitt Smith is #1. Look at all his records and SuperBowl titles. He is a threat to break a run on every play. He is so talented and physically gifted. He is hands-down the best runningback to every grace any football field.

If only Emmitt could have played for the Cardinals sooner. They would have been a 90's powerhouse. They probably would have won a couple of superbowls.

Same goes for Jerry Rice. Hes the best receiver. Just look at his stats. Winning and stats are the most important thing on judging a player. I bet Rice would have had even better numbers if TampaBay, or Cincy drafted him.

Barry Sanders takes this one easily.

Bo Jackson in his prime

Barry Sanders.

Bo Jackson had the potential to be the greatest, but was cut short.

Christian Okoye and Marcus Allen will always be my personal favorites.

Nobody see's any humor in my first post?

For pure running, Barry Sanders or Bo Jackson.

hehe, doubt the read it frankie boy

Earl Campbell

Bo Jackson

Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders...just look at the yardage he piled up over the years. Most of these yards were compiled with a shitty O-line, too.

TD, very sad what happened to him, what could have been....

"Nobody see's any humor in my first post?"

I decided to ignore the second and third paragraphs, lol, they were pretty tough to take seriously.

All time most dominant RB - Jim Brown

My personal favorite - Walter Payton

My top 5 all-time in order (If I were drafting this is how I would rate them)

1. Jim Brown - Bigger, faster, stronger than any other runner of his time. Sometimes he was bigger than the D-linemen. Ahead of his time like Wilt Chamberlain.

2. Walter Payton - Sweetness. Not the fastest, biggest, or strongest, but the most complete back ever. Very durable, pass catcher, blocker, even emergency QB.

3. Barry Sanders - He lost yards on too many plays IMO. Greatest open field runner ever. But with the lead late in a game you only need 1st downs, not 60 yard touchdown runs and definitely not 4 yard losses in the backfield. But still very durable & awesome.

4. Emmitt Smith - A product of his teammates somewhat. Durable, and a big game player. Straight ahead runner, always gets + yardage. I like that.

5. Pick from Earl Campbell, O.J., Marshall Faulk, Marcus Allen, and a few others.

Earl Campbell was the most impressive over a short period of time. No one ran over more defenders AND had great breakaway speed like Earl did in his prime.

Jim Brown and Walter Payton had the best mix of power and finesse.

Barry Sanders was the best highlight reel RB.

Barry Sanders... hands down.


1. walter payton

2. barry sanders

3 jim brown

4 oj simpson

5 tony dorrset

6 emmit smith

7 marcus allen

8 earl campbell

9 franco Harris

10 Eric Dickerson

with his hands on the ball already no one was better than Sanders.

however Payton was the most complete running back Football has ever seen. He ran the ball, caught the ball and blocked before it was chic to have a pass catching runningback.

He was marshall faulk and priest holmes before either of those two had touched a football! I in no way say this cause i'm a bears fan i actually can't stand the bears but payton was easily the most complete back we've ever seen!

The main thing is that playing running back is more than just carrying a football. You have to block and be a receiver as well for your team to be successful. That's what made Payton so great. And the most important thing is that you could count on him giving his best effort every game. What more could you ask for?

I never saw Jim Brown play, but as far as I can tell he was a poor man's Bo Jackson? Ahead of his time I guess.

and he was a great example adn leader in the club house!

Ikky Woods...

j/k B. Sanders