best seasons of all the last 10 yr

this may take some time for everyone to post something...but if you have some time to kill i'd be anxious to see what other's thoughts are.

basically here is the have to pick a starting lineup p-rf...from 1995 through last season and pick the best season anyone had at any position.

a few guidelines. if a player has played more than 40 games at that position since 95 they can be listed at that position. ie. carlos baerga(first name that came to mind) can be a secondbaseman or a thrid baseman etc. post the player the position and the season and any important stats!

I think I understand what you're looking for. Like this??

Starting Pitcher--Pedro Martinez (2000-Boston); 18-6, 275 K, 1.74 ERA, 0.74 WHIP. Horrible run support and bullpen kept him from a 23-3 record.

Relief Pitcher--Eric Gagne (2003-LA); 55-55 save chances, 1.20 ERA, 0.69 WHIP, 14.98 K/9IP

1st Base--Jeff Bagwell (2000-Houston); 47 HR, 132 RBI, .310 BA, 107 BB, 152 runs scored, .615 SLG%, 1.04 OBSP. Also made only 9 errors in 1386 total chances (.994 FP)

2nd Base--Bret Boone (2001-Seattle); .331 BA, 37 HR, 141 RBI, 118 runs scored.

Shortstop--Alex Rodriguez (2002-Texas); .300 BA, 57 HR, 142 RBI, 125 runs scored, 1.015 OBPS. I beleieve he also won the Gold Glove.

3rd Base--Chipper Jones (1999-Atlants); .319 BA, 45 HR, 110 RBI, 116 runs scored, 1.074 OBSP. NL MVP.

Left Field--Barry Bonds (2001-San Francisco); .328 BA, 73 HR, 137 RBI, 129 runs scored, 177 BB, .863 SLG, 1.379 OBSP. Probably among the 2 or 3 greatest offensive seasons ever.

Center Field--Ken Griffey Jr. (1997-Seattle); .304 BA, 56 HR, 147 RBI, 125 runs scored, 1.028 OBSP. Gold Glove.

Right Field-- Sammy Sosa (2001-Chicago Cubs); .328 BA, 64 HR, 160 RBI, 146 runs scored, 116 BB, 1.174 OBSP. Robbed of the MVP that year, IMO.

yup thats it!!! i'll do mine probably later today or tonight

Eric is mostly correct with these exceptions...

1B - Mark McGwire (1998 - St. Louis); .299, 70, 147, 130 runs, 162 BB, 1.222 OBPS. Also hit balls farther than any man should be able to.

Starting Pitcher - Greg Maddux (1995 - Atlanta); 19-2, 1.63 ERA, 181 Ks, 23 walks! in 209 IP, .813 WHIP. He missed about 7 starts that year or he could have approached a 25-2 record (or a 19-9 record, I guess).

2b - Roberto Alomar (1996 - Baltimore); .328, 22, 94, 132 runs, 17 steals, great defense, plus he spit in the umps face that year if I remember correctly.

Man that is a good list! I think I would just switch out McGwire and Bagwell and totally agree from there. Nice job!....Joe

Maddux of '95 and Pedro of '00 looks like a tossup. I just remember watching Pedro make the entire American League look like fools. He left 3 games in the 7th or 8th inning with no runs allowed and got a no-decision. 3 of his losses were games he gave up 2 runs or less.

I put Bagwell's 2000 season over McGwire's 1998 season for a couple of reasons:


-McGwire struck out a ton, 155 times compared to Bagwell's 116

-Bagwell had 31 more hits, including 37 doubles compared to 21.

-I'm biased

I don't know how you look at the numbers and say Alomar was better than Boone.

gusto is most definitely incorrect.

Alomar is WAY better defensively & he could lead off in this lineup. Boone just has never impressed me. That was a great year, but I'll take Robbie.

As for Mac vs. Bags, gimme a break on the Andro. IT WAS NOT ILLEGAL! Mac was hitting balls farther (and more often) than the rest of the league way before '98. Mac was much more feared at the plate than Bags.

Also, what about Albert Belle? In '98 with the White Sox he hit .328, 49, 152, 200 hits, 113 runs.



Belle was a DH though, wasn't he?

I wondered that. Don't know for sure.

Nope, he played 158 games in LF.

Pedro of 2000 absolutely dominated the league. He's toy with hitters. He was amazing pitching injured in the playoffs. He could only throw off-speed junk and still toyed with people. He's still a good pitcher but he's a fairy compared to that 2k season.

Wow, just realized I left off Catcher :(

Catcher--Javy Lopez (2003--Atlanta); .328 BA, 43 HR, 109 RBI, 89 BB, 1.065 OBSP.

No way.

Piazza - 1997 - .362!!, 40, 124.

Piazza will never be on any list I ever put together, ever.

lets add some defence in there too...

"Piazza will never be on any list I ever put together, ever."

new list guys...list the top 3 most hated New york MEts Catchers who are rumored to possibly be moving to !st base some this year and happens to be a distant relative of Tommy"spaghetti"Lasorda?

let me see you leave him off this list!!!

lol @ kempo.

I think he got you eric.

LOL @ kempo

I don't LOL @ fielding. 5 of my position players have won Gold Gloves, many of them winning more than one.

Okay gusto, I'll play your silly little game. Tell me, by position, who had the best fielding season in the last 10 years.

"im just greatly amused at people saying ichiro 2001 isnt possibly the best season by a right fielder in the past ten years

he is in my opinion the best fielder, and he is also a great hitter"

Who would you have rather had on your team, the Sammy Sosa of 2001 or the Ichiro of 2001? I don't think Ichiro's superior defense makes up for the fact that Sammy Sosa was a dominant offensive force.