BEST SEATS you ever had for a show

What are the best seats that you ever got for any major WWE show or ppv? I ask this because I'm a jealous SoB about people that get the ringside seats!! I've tried time and time again to be the first to get good seats when tickets go on sale, but no matter what I do, I always seem to get seated on the floor somewhere like 20 rows back. I was able to score isle seats for a WCW show one time. That was cool! Talking smack to the wrestlers as they walked down to the ring and stuff.

But the best seats I ever had was for an old WCW World War 3 ppv back in the days when they had the Giant! That was awesome! I was like 9th row back, and they had all these rings connected together for this huge battle royal. They basically had every single WCW wrestler on the roster fight in the Battle Royal main event! Man, seeing all that chaos from the 9th row was so freaking awesome. I was close enough to be on TV, but I was seated on the same side where the cameras shoot from. But those were without a doubt the best seats for a big show that I ever had.

I mean... has anybody ever scored ringside seats for a major show? How the hell do you get those tickets?? I'm just jealous of all the people that sit ringside and get to interact with the wrestlers and flash their signs to be read worldwide!! I'm jealous of that! I wanna be front row dammit!

So, any of you guys ever scored ringside seats? If not, what's the best, closest seats to the action that you ever scored?

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I'm in the red t-shirt


That chair never stood a chance

Damn Koma you fatass!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!

That definitely wasn't the 'best seat' that guy ever had!

Walked down to ringside at a WWE house show in charlotte. Place was near empty.

2nd Row for Survivor Series 2001 in Greensboro, sign made it on tv.

4th row at a SMackdown show, sign made tv and caught the attention of one Rico.... "RICO IS MY DADDY"

front row, no mercy, 2001.

I had 1st row ringside seats for a tapings show back in 1991. It was great. They were only 14 bucks, too.

The best part was getting into shout matches with the heels as they came down the aisle.

They taped for the Monday night show and a few weeks worth of WWF Superstars all in one night. It was damn near 5 hours long.

It was funny, Sgt Slaughter burned a Hulk Hogan shirt during an interview, then Hogan came out about an hour later for an interview and said "I saw what you did LAST WEEK, Sgt Slaughter......".

Pretty funny.

8th row at a WCW house show. Sting n someone vs Bret Hart and Buff i think when Bret was inthe NWO.

HWA fromt row. I heckled the fuck out of the faces

3rd row for the 1993 Royal Rumble that was in Sacramento

Yokozuna won

I've also had 1-5 row seats for RAW/Smackdown/Nitro shows, but that Royal Rumble was the only PPV I've ever been at.

Was always able to get ringside for WWE/WCW houseshows in Columbus OH. I worked right across the street from the arena and would buy tickets the moment they went on sale.

Only been to one PPV (Wrestlemania in Indy). Waste of money. Too far away for $45.

I went to a tiny show in Columbus that featured a few stars... before they were stars (Sabu, Chris Candido). Candido was the heel and I was yelling and screaming in support of him (e.g., I was loudly accusing the face of pulling Chris' trunks, pulling hair, etc.). Chris was apparently amused by this and when he got thrown out of the ring, I was standing in my seat and he actually pushed me back into it. At that exact second the face comes flying over the top rope and onto Chris. Chris' head hit my chair. My jaw just dropped as this was happening as I had no hope of moving out of the way. It was great.

TNA Bound For Glory last year in Plymouth, had 9th row floor.

2nd Row on the side the Hard Camera points at! CYBER SUNDAY 2006! I was on TV all night, and I caught HHH shirt as he through it out after the DX intro!

Great seats!

Ringside, Dallas, slapped Hulk Hogan on the back when he came over to grab a chair to hit someone. His back felt like the rubber on a ping pong paddle.

Steroids have some weird side effects.

2nd row at a thunder show back in 1999. La Parka was a funny motherfucker as he danced around us before the taping started ringside and started badgering the crowd.

Remember these two that had front and center seats at WM 23? I spent like the whole Wrestlemania watching and wondering who this senoir citizen couple was with the matching pink and lime-green windbreakers! I was like, "how the hell did these two pull seats like that!!!!"

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