Best Sega Genesis Game EVER!

Where else can  you fight: the terminator, spiderman, batman, incredible hulk, and godzilla!

on the contrary... the best game on Sega Gensis was....

Shining Force II


I used to play a Strategy game called Centurion of Rome or something like that. The game was ahead of its time.

Forgot to mention Dune battle for arrakis. That was the first RTS game I ever played, it was for the Genesis.

Gunstar Heroes!

man i can't count the hours i played Gunstar Heroes, amazing game.

I know man I'm dying for a 360 live arcade version. I'm hopeful as apparently Ikaruga's coming over but i'm not holding my breath for either.

Treasure are one of the greatest game developers of all time. Their Bleach series of fighting games on the DS are the best 2D fighters of recent years.

Shining Force II was one of the greatest games EVER

ive been through that game so many times.

The acclaim Revenge of Shinobi got was a mystery to me. It was the first Sega Genesis game I owned and it was a good game but in my opinion Shinobi 3 for Genesis is way better, so is the arcade version of the original shinobi and you rarely hear about them.

Shining Force II

toe jam & earl easily

Correction: Best Sega Game Ever...Altered Beast.

^ this thread is done

Shining Force II

dont you mean sega mega drive?

you could get shinobi on a 5 or 6 gam compilation cartridge over here. with golden axe, street figher and a couple of others on :-D


demolition man


Pirates! Gold

Battle Toads & Double Dragon

Shadowrun was the best.