Best seminar you attended...?

What was the best seminar you attended and what was your level at that time? BJJ, wrestling, any art. What stuck with you, knowledge, teaching style, etc.

Wasn't a seminar but I went to a Baret Yoshida class where there were 4 people and we rolled for 3+ hours. I went again the following week and there were 5 people.

Best experience I have ever had.

Second would be a seminar with Enson

Third would be my last Pedro Seminar. It would have probably been first if I remembered 1/2 the things he went over

Fourth would be Pedro again the first time

Fifthe Pedro again the second time.

What was your skill level in the first one? Do you think this was more "fun to do" or do you think you learned things that you continued to use and develop?

Erik Paulson is bad ass!

1.Matt Hughes - went over standup, takedowns, and submissions.
2. Tito Ortiz- basically focused on wrestling from the clinch but his submission defense on the head and arm choke and triangle were amazing.

Randy Couture at a TKD school. i was taking karate at the time. only experience (besides one year wrestling) was i had a fighter's notebook and had watched ufc

Did a 2 day Jeremy Horn seminar in Madison WI 3 or 4 years ago changed my game completely

Matt Lindland

followed by Carlos Newton

I did BJJ for abut a year and half when I met Baret, I thought my game was decent but apparently not so much

I've done a couple of BJJ & MMA seminars ,and a couple of privates with Renato Tavares , this guy is a wizard on the mat . He is really great to work out with , and a great teacher!!! I highly recommend Renato.

Dean "The BoogeyMan" Lister

Crazy skills.

Jongsanan Fairtex - awesome thai boxing.

I need to attend a couple of seminars this year.

I've done an Erik Paulson seminar and 2 days with him is just not enough.

He knows so much about every aspect of the fight game it's crazy.

But to hell with seminars I want to spend a week at a time with some of the premier fight teams and trainers.

I can't afford to take off work that much though so I'm kind of fucked.

The flip side of that is I've got a damned good boxing coach along with his trainer, a great MMA freak who eats sleeps and breaths the game, and a damn great bunch of guys at my gym who are just sick in their fight prep.

havent been to one yet but my first will be Mike Swain in a few weeks.

Where is Mike Swain doing a seminar?

4 seminars stand out, in no particular order:

Ryron: (at great explanation of stabilizing and attacking from the mount, passing closed and open guard, etc.

Pedro Valente: outstanding explanation of standing self-defense moves and a very deep speech on the meaning of jiu-jitsu.

Rorion and Rener: outstanding standing self-defense explanations by Rorion, outstanding ground attacks including leglocks and north-south attacks from Rener

Relson Gracie: great self-defense based seminar, much information about defending against strikes and attacking with strikes on the ground, very enthusiastic and eager to help with any question or move.

Shawn Williams (renzo black belt)...a bunch of other black belts showed up and rolled with everybody..including Marcio Feitosa...learned some awesome stuff, including the 1 arm guilltoine which is now killing everybody in MMA.

i went to a matt serra seminar about a month b4 he took the title. obviously the $hit was tight, excellent teacher, classy guy. kind enough to take a little while to show me some stuff after the seminar, until some assclown crashed the party and started showing him how "Rickson does it".

i hope you're reading this you f***'n assclown! you ruined my free private with Matt Serra!

When I was a low blue belt I did a seminar with Jorge Gurgel who was a brown belt at the time...he was the most thurough intructor, he really wanted to make sure I understood what I was doing. He also held nothing back...I mean nothing back when it came to techniques. I had paid twice as much for a Gracie and got far less for my money. He taught the details that raised my opposed to just techniques. Oh other thing, and this is a little freaky...he remembers your name. I had one seminar with him and then came to another one months later and he was like "hey Adam what's up". That alone wouldn't have been freaky but there were a bunch of guys there the last time and there were a bunch of guys there the second time and to my recolection he called them all by name. There's my 2 pennies