Best Seminars and Why

Anyone who has been to a seminar knows that the quality of the offerings can range from not being allowed in the front door at all due to over-booking to a t-shirt, a chance to roll with and more importantly LEARNING something from the namesake. So who is hosting the best seminars, why and what did you learn?

I have never been to a bad seminar. I do have an open mind about a lot of things though. I have been to a seminar where I knew almost evry move that was shown, but I picked up many little details. I do prefer seminars that are not pre planned curriculum so you can ask the questions about what you need to work on.

Awesome feedback. That's what I wanted to hear. Who else has an experience?

Chris "The Westside Strangler" Brennan puts on top notch seminar's I liked it cuz it is based for mma but does not lose alot of the BJJ basics and there is no bullshit gi. He has some very advanced stuff with simple concepts.

Vitor "Shoalin" Riberio also puts on one hell of a seminar alot for the same reasons his guard passing is slick and has some great sweeps for no gi.

Shaolin came to my school in the UK last month as he was cornering one of my instructors in a vale tudo match.

It wasnt a bad seminar, some great techniques were shown. The trouble was it was meant to be for four hours and was only two. Ours is only a small club and the price was really low (£20) so I cant really complain though.

He showed lots of good stuff using the gi jacket to trap the arm for arm bars etc.

Armbar to omoplata switch (when the opponent pulls out).

And some great sweeps.

The only other thing I was a little dissapointed with was that we did'nt have a friendly spar with Shaolin at the end. I really wanted the chance to see what a guy at that level felt like to roll with.

Do guys normally spar at the end of seminars?

(and yes I did buy a t-shirt)

Most enjoyable seminar for me was meeting Oleg Taktarov a few years back.

He was constantly cracking jokes, had great details on the techniques that were known to be his specialities.He could break the movement down into cogent parts that you could remember later. When he put a knee bar or ankle lock on you "so you can feel" it was tight as hell!

Really enjoyed seeing him on a few occasions.

By far the best seminar that I or the avellan brothers ever attended was a Matt Hume seminar. We learned so much stuff that to this day we would have never learned. I finished a pro fight with a leg lock finish that I learned that day from Hume that I have never seen anyone else do.

We learned all kinds of details to sidemount that I have never seen anywhere. His positioning was superb and his instruction was top knotch.

1. Roy Harris

2. Kenny Florian

3. Michael Jen

Those are the top three seminar instructors I've seen so far..........


Yes that certainly can be said about Matt Hume I got to train with him once and his technique and positioning were incredible He suggested I train with Lance Gibson one of his students at the time as it was a much shorter drive and when I checked him out it was thouroghly impressive to say the least the Pankration system is an incredibly strong style

roy harris, Joe Moreira, Frank Trigg/Rico/Vladdy Combo, Erik Paulson, Megaton, Tony C,Rey diego

Charles, you're probably not far off from hosting a seminar are you?


brennans. it was free and i was about the only 1 there

Pedro Sauer and David Camrillo.

Chuck Liddell's. I just got home from it and can say that it was awesome. He and Antonio had so much information to i wanna get off my ass and start training again!

Randy Bloom of San Clemente has put on the best seminars with,Roy Harris,Joe Moreira,Mageton Diaz,Chris brennan,Rodrigo Mederios,Rey Diego,Marco Vinecious,Juliano Prado,Rener Gracie and many more black blacks in a two day affair for only a few dollars and all their moves on dvds.

Pedro Sauer, and the SBG in Athens, GA. Extremely good seminars, and the SBG guys would roll with you and show you what good no gi grappling is really all about.


Hendo because of his tactics and Couture because of his awesome approach to the sport and how he trains.

Also, it reminds me how bad I am at this.

ron: thanks for the compliment :). I want to hold off on seminars and or running a school untill after I achieve my goals in competition first.

the bjj sseminar i have been to are by mike jen, roy harris and joe moriera. the reason is that they all teaching in progression so even later on i still can remember alot of what i learned. i have been to many seminar. i took a foot lock seminar like 5 years ago with roy and i still remember alot of what he taught. also, they all teach concepts along with the techniques. they try to teach you to learn to learn on you own. joe's collar choke seminar were instrumental to my collar choke mechanics.

mike though is my fav. he really figures out the ways to do most with the least amount of effort. and he give you his bread and butter stuff. when you see him spar you see him use the same techniques he teaches us.

others who are give great seminar are matt thornton and rory and adam singer. i have learned alot from them too.